Top 10 Sopranos wackings


10. Tony takes out Tony B (Steve Buscemi) his first cousin who went to jail for him back in the day.

9. Bobby Baccalieri gets whacked while shopping for toy trains.

8. Tony kills his nephew Chris Moltisanti right after they get into a car accident together by suffocating him.

7. Tony Soprano stomps on one of Phil’s guys American History X style after he finds out he was inappropriate with his daughter Meadow. One of the cool things about this is actually a few scenes later when he is in a meeting and finds one of the guy’s teeth in his pant cuff.

6. Silvio and Carlo kill Fat Dom when he makes wiseass remarks about Carlo being gay.

5. Chris and Paulie hit a waiter in the head with a brick and then shoot him as he seizures on the floor…All this because Chris left a 14 dollar tip on a $1186.00 check.

4. Janice shoots Richie Aprile after Richie punches her in the mouth. I think this is the only time in the history of the Sopranos that I was actually glad to see Janice in a scene.

3. Phil Leotardo gets shot in the head in a gas station. As his wife is screaming for help, she forgets the car in drive with the kids in the car and the car runs over Phil’s head.

2. Tony smashes Ralph Ciffaretta’s head on the floor when he finds out Ralph killed their beloved racehorse “Pie Oh My”.

1. Big Pussy Gets Whacked


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